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The Rise to Cognizant Leadership (eBook)

The Rise to Cognizant Leadership is a leadership eBook by Magon L. Jackson CEHRS, PMP. It is based on the belief that all other leadership styles are not as adaptive to the newest generation of employees. It is a combination of mindfulness and organizational behavior modification. This eBook teaches that personal evaluation leads to environmental consideration. That consideration is what balances decision-making in a true leader. It infuses mindfulness principles in what would seem like an unmovable pillar of leadership styles. Cognizant leadership declares itself to be the evolution of leadership.

If you manage or supervise employees this is for you. Download your copy today!

Cognizant Leadership Training

LEAD at a HIGHER FREQUENCY. As a unique workforce return to the office, professional development and growing interpersonal skills have become a focus. My interactive training sessions delivered both in person or virtually depending on your location, outline cognizant practices. Training includes educational elements and cognizant-specific customization for management's unique needs. Leaders receive excellent coaching through 1 to 2-hour sessions.

Magon Jackson CEHRS, PMP

Greetings! So I wanted to let you know a little about me. I began my professional career in 2003. I've gained quite a bit of experience in a variety of healthcare care settings, Non-Profit organizations, corporations, and many managerial levels of administration. I have had the opportunity to teach, train, and lead staff to become better people, not just better employees.

I am an Artist, Project management professional, and business owner. I'm dedicated to my role as a cognizant leader by instilling the highest amount of integrity, professionalism, and quality in every path I encounter, including yours.

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If your business is looking for strategic development or the creation of programs. My business Innovae' Works LLC would be happy to assist. Click the button and schedule a consultation!

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